Services Overview





Technology Work Plans, project specific planning and feasibility, business case development, budgeting, and 

procurement strategies. 





Specifications / RFPs for SCADA master systems, advanced applications, historians and visualization, supplier services, and related computing and field equipment.





Hands on implementation - field equipment to the control center.  Communications troubleshooting.  Commissioning support.  

Project Management. 

Consulting Services




SCADA and advanced application planning, procurement, and implementation.   Experience working with dozens of utilities and a number of different SCADA master system and advanced application suppliers.   Hands on experience configuring real-time databases, intelligent alarming, advanced historians and visualization, establishing and troubleshooting communications, and interfacing to third-party systems.  Supporting planning and implementation of communication and networking solutions.  Factory and Site Acceptance Testing.  Overall Project Management.   

Wind Energy Projects


SCADA, communications, and integration services for wind energy projects, including planning, implementation, and on-going support.  Implement owner / operator remote monitoring and alarming solutions. Provide onsite configuration and commissioning services. Define, configure, and test interfaces from collector substation controllers / RTUs to wind farm controllers, market participant systems, MET stations, owner SCADA, transmission provider SCADA, meters, relays, and local HMIs.  Support network architecture design, planning, and implementation of cyber security application solutions.  Design, develop, and test control logic to support wind farm dispatch and other applications. Coordinate tasks with owner IT personnel, EPC contractors, relay testing personnel, market participants, transmission providers, MET station providers, and others.  

Substation and Distribution Automation


Support planning, design, and implementation of automation technology and systems for distribution and substation automation applications.   Hands on experience with a wide range of market leading equipment including RTUs / automation controllers, relays, device specific controls, and meters.   Equipped with and experienced using communication protocol test sets and other hardware and software tools to help resolve communication issues.   Knowledge and experience working with protocols including DNP3 / IP, DNP3 serial, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, SEL, and others.   Experienced supporting SCADA functions for automated switching projects.


Identifying and defining substation networking and physical connection media solutions. This includes routers / switches, media converters, and security appliances for substations. Tom also is experienced specifying control center requirements including for redundancy applications, servers, workstations, and network hardware.  Tom has configured remote equipment access security solutions, end-to-end encryption applications, and worked closely with IT cyber security personnel so that solutions support operations applications and recognize increased industry security norms.

Enhancing Alarm Intelligence

Should you expect more from your SCADA and related system investments?  For many utilities, it is likely there are refinements that can be made to SCADA systems that can deliver significant additional benefits without new investments in hardware or software.   One of these areas is more intelligent alarming.  Does your existing system only alarm for conditions on single points without more sophisticated logic to detect additional problems - or does it fail to notify for certain directly monitored conditions that warrant notification?   Tom can bring concrete ideas to the table to increase the effectiveness of your existing investment - just give him a call.  

Electric Utility Outage Management


Tom is experienced at identifying solutions to improve outage management at electric utilities.   Tom understands the inter-relationship and value of data from IVR systems, AMI systems, SCADA, GIS, mobile applications, call centers, and Outage Management Systems.  He can help identify integration solutions and business process improvements to impact the quality of information.  He understands the challenge and benefits of maintaining as-planned and as-operated electric system models.  He can help design and test interfaces between the key systems mentioned above.   

Smart Grid Projects


With experience on automation, information management, and communications technology from the meter, on the feeder, in the substation, in the control center and with customer service applications, SHC is positioned to support Smart Grid initiatives.  Tom has a perspective from having experience with load management and demand response projects, substation automation, wide area communications systems, distribution automation, SCADA, DMS applications, EMS applications, outage management, and metering.