Wisconsin Municipal Electric Utilities

Municipal Services

SHC has supported a number of Wisconsin Municipal Electric Utilities with SCADA and related technology services.  Now more than ever, it is feasible for utilities of all sizes to have 24x7 visibility of their core electric facilities.  SHC can help achieve that visibility in a scaled manner fitting your situation.  

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Whether you have an objective or solution in mind, or are just beginning to investigate what may make sense, schedule a meeting time with Tom.  He is ready to listen, share ideas, and share his perspective including relevant experiences and solutions that have been applied for similar clients and objectives.   

Work Together with a Neighboring Utility and SHC

 Tom has experience assisting multiple clients with joint procurement and implementation projects.  If objectives are similar, there can be worthwhile economies possibly involving procurement and with completion of some of the implementation tasks.  Joint projects have resulted in both entirely separate and partially shared solutions.